OMG! I never thought I’d finish this font! Actually, the idea came to me in the late 1990-ies, but the sketches lied at the bottom of the “fonts I will complete one day In the future” pile ... also called “fonts I most likely won’t complete…EVER” pile! :) Anyway, I started up with letters for both upper and lowercase, no numbers or punctuation. I figured if people ever purchased this font, all they would need were upper- or lowercase letters. But the rest of the glyphs seemed to miss out, so I made the numbers and some punctuation. But I still found the font incomplete…therefore I redid all the punctuation (from “standard” punctuation to “picturish” punctuation) and added two additional sets of letters. Meaning that there is 4 different versions of letters to choose from: 2 different lowercase, and 2 different lowercase. I had a lot of fun drawing this font, and some fun doing the detective work finding out how the MANY lettershapes should look! I hop you too have fun using this font! :)